I work with our practice of repetitive behavior and how repetition is used to maintain social structures of power.

I work with our need to repeat in order to learn, to teach and to identify ourselves in relation to others.

I work with repetition as our deliberate and/or accidental tool to practice parenthood, gender roles, languages, teaching, religion, social status and cultural traditions.

I work with our need to repeat in order to create a norm where the time aspect is fundamental in the process of raising the status and coherence of a specific behavior.

My works take time, and I challenge my own preconceived notions and practice of repetition in what I discuss.

My works are often based on a well-known phrase or a traditional saying as to repeat what has already been repeated.

My works tend to have a clean outcome as if they were covering up my diverse and complex issues.

I express my discussions in videos and installations based on readymades and graphic patterns.